Wholesale Terms

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Our Wholesale Terms cover many aspects of how we work with our wholesale customers.

If you need more information or require answers to questions not covered in our Wholesale Terms, please contact your assigned Sales Representative.


The prices listed on our wholesale ordering portal are the amount the items will be sold for. Shipping costs will be an additional fee based on your location. We do not offer discounts unless specified.


All of our Products are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to impose quantity limits on any Order, to reject all or part of an Order, to discontinue offering certain coffees or products without prior notice.

Placing Orders

Web Orders –With little exceptions, all orders should be placed on our wholesale order portal. Customers will be given login access to the portal after they have been set up as new customers.

Other Orders – In very limited circumstances, customers may place orders by phone or email. Your assigned sales representative will need to approve ordering using these methods.

Order Minimums

Delivered OrdersAll orders must be at least $200 in order to receive free delivery. A delivery fee of $15.00 per order will be charged for orders less than $200.00.

Shipped Orders – All shipped orders are charged our standard shipping rate. 

Changing Orders

Orders are processed very quickly and once an order for coffee is placed it typically cannot be changed. If you would like to increase your order, please place a new order. If you need an order expedited, contact your Sales Representative in advance of placing the order on the wholesale portal. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Wholesale Customer Support at orders@talitha.com.

Order Processing - Deliveries

Orders are roasted, packaged, and delivered Monday through Friday. We have a two day turnaround time. Please contact your sales representative for your assigned delivery day.

Monday Delivery

Tuesday Delivery

Wednesday Delivery

Thursday Delivery

Friday Delivery

Thursday by 5pm

Order Day

Sunday by 5pm

Order Day

Monday by 5pm

Order Day

Tuesday by 5pm

Order Day

Wednesday by 5pm

Order Day

Order Processing - Shipping

Orders are roasted, packaged, and shipped Monday through Friday. We have a three day turnaround time: 24 hours to process your order and two days from there to roast and ship the order. Orders will not land in 3 days, but will be shipped out in 3 days. Any orders placed after business hours on Fridays will not be processed until the following Monday. Order tracking will be sent via email once shipping label is created.


We ship coffee throughout the United States. Shipping costs vary depending on order size and delivery location. Expedited shipping is available, if required, for an additional fee. Please contact your sales representative if it is an urgent matter.

On occasion, our delivery carriers may adjust their normal business operations. When these occasions occur, there may be a brief delay before your order ships.


Credit Card Terms – Customers on credit card terms will be charged when their order is placed. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. This includes Debit and Credit Cards. ACH transfer is also available upon request. Please email accounting@talitha.com for help resolving a payment issue.

Invoice Terms – Most new customers will be set-up on credit card terms for 90 days before being eligible to apply for credit terms. If you are eligible to apply for credit terms, please contact your sales representative. Please allow 14 days for credit approval to be completed. Customers on payment terms can pay by credit card and ACH transfer.

If you are on Credit Terms and have invoices over 30 days past due, your account will be put on “Hold”. You will be unable to place new orders until all invoices over 30 days past due are paid in full.

Any customer put on “Hold” more than 3 times in a twelve month period will be placed back on Credit Card Terms.

Resale Restrictions

Only items designated as retail items (such as our 12oz bags) may be resold. Wholesale items (such as our 5 lb bags) may not be resold.

Returns & Refunds

For refunds related to billing errors, please email accounting@talitha.com.

For refunds related to other issues with coffee, equipment, parts or accessories, please contact your assigned sales representative. Your sales representative will require your order number and which items(s) you would like a refund on and why. Refund requests will be considered on coffee orders up to 30 days after the invoice billing date.